The Breeder's Award Program (BAP) recognizes member achievements in breeding various livebearing fish.

The BAP objectives are:

  1. To learn to breed livebearers and further one's interest activity and knowledge in the hobby;
  2. To accumulate points at each level, as outlined below, and receive a plaque commemorating the achievement;
  3. To succeed in becoming a Master Breeder, as defined below, entitling the member to receive a lifetime membership in the Chicago Livebearer Association.

Point System

During discussions after our first meeting, most were leaning towards a simplfiied system.

  • 1 point for commonly available fish like guppies, swordtails, platies and other linebred fish
  • 2 points for wild-type fish.

Submitting your Spawn

  1. Members must submit six fry at least two months of age. Fry should be at least 1/2 inch long. Exception may be made for dwarf species.
    1. Fry should be bagged securely and brought to the meeting
    2. The bag should be labeled with:
      - Member Name
      - Species Name
      - BAP
  2. Members must fill out a BAP form. The data on the form is used to track submissions.

BAP Form

Click to download our PDF form.


  • Member must turn in Six (6) fry at least two months old
  • The entry must include the species of the fish
    • When known, the location of the fish should be included
  • Participants must be a CLS Member in good standing to participate
  • Member must turn in Six (6) fry at least two months old
  • Members must complete and submit a BAP form

Eligible Spawns

Wild-type Livebearers

  • A wild-type livebearer is a fish which is bred to maintain the same characteristics as its wild antecedents
  • Two (2) Points will be awarded for wild-type livebearers
  • Location varieties may count as an additional spawn for wild-type fish and may count as 2 additional points
    • Example: A participant may turn in Characodon lateralis "Guadalupe Aqualera" and Characodon lateralis sp. "Los Berros"

Common Livebearers

  • A common livebearer is a fish which is linebred for color, fin variety or other characteristics
  • One (1) Point will be awarded for common or line-bred livebearers
  • Recognized, standard fin and color varieties may count as additional spawns for common livebearers and will count as 1 additional point
    • Example: Guppy Fantail and Guppy Delta Tail may both be submitted and count as one point each

Award Levels

As members turn in additional fish, they reach various goals and are awarded with certificates.

Points Level
20 Beginner
50 Advanced
100 Expert
200 Master I
300 Master II

Additional levels could be added.

Exceptions Policy

  1. Members in good standing may take two (2) exceptions per year in lieu of submitting live fry.
  2. Exceptions must be submitted with a completed BAP Form.
  3. Exceptions must be verified by the BAP Chairman or his/her designee. The following forms of verification are permitted:
    1. Bag the fry up and show them to the BAP Chairman or CLS Board Member with a completed BAP Form at a CLS meeting, bag swap or other event.
    2. Submit pictures of your own fish. Clear pictures of the adults and pictures of the fry must be submitted along with a completed BAP Form..
  4. Validation of exceptions is at the discretion of the Chicago Livebearer Association.