Rare Livebearer Auction

CLS Rare Fish Auction 2023

Our Rare Fish Auction will take place after the Chicago Cichlid Association swap meet from 1:30PM to 3:30PM. GCCA Swap Meets are a lot of fun to attend and we meet immediately afterward.  |  Swap Details from GCCA

Hilton Northbrook Hotel
2855 Milwaukee Ave
Northbrook, IL 60062
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Rare Fish Auction

We are working with top breeders around the country to bring in rare and unusual livebearers. We will have a curated auction. For each fish to be auctioned, we will have a descriptive slide with a picture and care instructions.

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Our Auction Supports Livebearer Conservation and Research

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the American Livebearer Association. Our last auction raised $3000 for the group!

Membership Required

In order to bid on fish, you need to be a member of the Chicago Livebearer Society. 

Join our Club online! It's only $10 per year.

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Rare Fish Auction List 

The list below is subject to change. | Download our Auction Prospectus

Multiple bags of most species will be available. Over 70 unique species/types of fish! 

Alfaro cultratus
Allodontichthys tamazulae "Río Tamazula“
Allophorus robustus “Lago de Zacapu"
Alloophorus robustus "Presa de Cointzio"
Allotoca meeki
Ameca splendens "Rio Teuchitlan, Jalsico" - RR Miller M66-17 (1966)
Ataeniobius tower "Laguna Los Anteojitos”
Brachyraphis roswithae "El Valle, Panama"
Chapalichthys encaustus "Lago de Orandino"
Chapalichthys pardalis "Presa de San Juanico, 2010"
Charcodon audax "El Toboso"
Cnesterodon deccimaculata - 10 Spot Livevbearer
Crenichthys baileyi moapae "Plummer Unit Moapa”
Endlers - Japan Blue Lower Swordtail
Endlers – Spadetail
Gambusia affinis – Western Mosquitofish
Gambusia holbrooki – Melanistic Form
Gambusia punctata
Girardinichthys multiradiatus "San Miguel Spring, Maravatio" - Golden Sailfin Goodeid
Girardinus falcatus
Girardinus metallicus "Yellow Belly"
Goodea atripinnis "Rio Silao, 2017"
Goodea atripinnis "Teuchitlán, 2016“
Guppies – Blonde Panda
Guppies- Blonde Pastel Ginga Sulfurous
Guppies- Full Red Albino Delta
Guppies-Double Swordtail Guppies
Guppies - Full Red Albino Delta
Guppies- Lower Swordtail Guppies
Guppies - Red Snakeskin Delta
Guppies -Red Cobra
Guppies – Various
Heterandria formosa "Oldsmar, FL"
Heterandria formosa “Rum Island State Park”
Heterandria formosa Gold Form
Ilydon furcidens
Ilyodon whitei- "Rio Huamita“
Jenynsia onca - one sided livebearer
Limia islai “Tiger Limia”
Limia melanogaster - Black Bellied Limia
Limia nigrofasciata - Humpback Limia
Limia perugiae (ALA ‘18 Show Winner Descendants)
Limia tridens
Limia vittata - Cuban Limia
Limia yaguajali "Rio Cana, Dominican Republic“
Limia zonata
Pethia padamya - Odessa Barbs
Phallichthys quadripunctatus 
Platy – Black Tiger
Poecilia hondurensis“Rio Bellaire Mexico“
Poecilia latipinna - Sailfin Mollies
Poecilia obscura "La Seiva River, Trinidad“
Poecilia picta “Red”
Poecilia Salvatoris "Rio Pasabien Guatemala" F1
Poecilia sphenops - Gold Dust Mollies
Poecilia wingei "Gold Endlers“
Poecilia wingei "Santa Maria Bleeding Heart“
Poecilia wingei "El Tigre, Venezuela"
Poecilia wingei "Laguna de Patos 1975“
Priapella compressa
Priapichthys nigroventralis "San Juan River Basin, Colombia" - Black Fin Flasher
Skiffia francescae
Skiffia multipunctata "Lago de Camecuaro, Michoacán, Mexico" - D Lambert (1990)
Skiffia multipunctata "Tangancicuaro"
Xenophallus umbratilis "Arenal Valcano, CR" - Golden Teddy
Xenotaenia resolanae "Rio Purificacion"
Xenotoca doadrioi "San Marcos"
Xenotoca eiseni "Rio Compostela“
Xenotoca lyonsi "Rio Tamazula"
Xenotoca melanosoma "Estancia de Ayones, 2016"
Xenotoca melanosoma "Rio Ayuquila" - D Biggs (2008)
Xiphophorus alvarezi – Albino
Xiphophorus alvarezi "Delores"
Xiphophorus birchmanni "Orizatlan"
Xiphophorus birchmanni "Rio Coacuilco"
Xiphophorus clemenciae "Rio Carolinae, Wessel“
Xiphophorus couchianus "La Huasteca“
Xiphophorus helleri - Domestic various
Xiphophorus helleri - Koi Swordtails
Xiphophorus helleri - Red Brick Sword
Xiphophorus helleri - Red Lyretail Swordtail
Xiphophorus helleri “Wild Guatemala”
Xiphophorus kallmani "Lago de Catemaco“
Xiphophorus macualatus "Papalaopan"
Xiphophorus maculatus "Rio Grijalva" MX 2014
Xiphophorus maculatus "Tabasco Blue"
Xiphophorus malinche
Xiphophorus montezumae "Rio Tamasopo"
Xiphophorus multilineatus "Rio Coy, San Luis Potosi, MX" 2019 D. J. Hemmerlein
Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl "Ocampo"
Xiphophorus variatus “Encino"
Xiphophorus variatus "Hi Fin Redtail"
Xiphophorus variatus "Huextetitla“
Xiphophorus variatus "Zarco"
Xiphophorus variatus “Rio de Coacuilco” 
Zoogoneticus tequila "Rio Teuchitlan

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Event Information

Event Date 04-02-2023 1:30 pm
Event End Date 04-02-2023 3:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free
Location Hilton Northbrook

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