Rare Livebearer Auction

From 10/06/19 2:00 pm until 10/06/19 3:30 pm
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Rare Livebearer Auction

Instead of our regular meeting, CLS will host a Rare Livebearer Auction! As usual, our meeting will take place after GCCA's Swap Meet.

We will work with livebearer breeders from around the world to bring in a nice selection of livebearers for purchase.

Curated Auction

The Rare Fish Auction is held in curated format. The auctioneer will show a slide for each group of fish to be auctioned which will include a picture, care instructions and suggested retail price. This helps inform bidders about the potential purchase.

Membership Required

In order to bid on fish, you must be a member of the Chicago Livebearer Society. It's only $10 per year, so please support us. You can Join our Club online any pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

Fish for Sale at the Rare Fish Auction

We wil post a list of fish here as we get closer to the auction date.

Donations for our Table

The primary method we use to raise funds is through sales at the GCCA Swap Meet. We need your donations of fish and other goods to help raise money for the club. Please bring your items to the swap and the earlier the better!