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Tule Perch - Hysterocarpus traski

My son Sam called me and said "Dad, I heard about a cool livebearer we should try to get ahold of . . . the Tule Perch."

I said, "What, the Pool Perch?".

After much back and forth, it was established the fish he was thinking about was the Tule Perch, a fish native to inland waters of California that is little known in the hobby.

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Forum is Open!

Our forum is now open for business! You can click the Forum link in the main menu to get to it. After you register for the site, you will need to enter the same credentials into our forum the first time you try it.

We've posted a number of "starting" topics. For one, tell us about your stock list!

In order to run a forum, you need a forum administrator. We turned to veteran forum admin Chris Karnuth (nuthman on many forums). He's active on GCCA's forum and on Monster Fishkeepers and others.

We're lucky to have him.

We are still setting up categories . . . if you have some suggestions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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